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Pertronix Digital Rev Limiter

Pertronix Digital Rev Limiter

Reg: $172.69
Save: 9%
Pertronix Digital Rev Limiter
SKU 600
Weight 1.00 lbs
Google product category 8231
UPC 694342010607
Brand Pertronix
MPN 600
LEADTIME Special Order Ships in 4-5 Business Days
SpecialOrder Special Order 10% Off Discount Applied

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Pertronix new digital rev limiter. Simple wire in. Fully adjustable. Can be used on all engines. Adjusts in the thousands with 100 rpm steps

This Pertronix Flamethrower Digital Rev Limiter takes out individual ignition strikes a little at a time to safely prevent dangerous over-revving, and to prevent plug fouling. It's easily and quickly adjustable in increments of 100 RPM. Excellent Unit!;This digital micro-controller based unit provides a much greater accuracy (+/-0.01%) over analog systems. There is no need for old resistor style pills or chips, our easy to use rotary switches adjust the RPM limit to an ultra fine resolution of 100 RPMs. Random spark stealing method provides superior control of rev limits and a rapid response time to over rev limit events, preventing engine failure.
Once the established RPM limit is reached, random spark stealing starts within one spark, reducing plug fouling common with repetitive stealing type limiters. Rev limiters come with multiple ana

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